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Traffic Consultants, Inc. prides itself on the value we bring to our customers. 
Freight Bill Services

iMagine™ is our vision to take freight bill audit and payment to a new level. It is a revolutionary fedexplaneprocess that incorporates the latest technology in our nVision Supply Chain Suite™ application and interactive tools to ensure the truckintegrity and timeliness of carrier payments. Using TCI’s iMagine™ for the entry and audit of freight bills provides a near paperless processing environment , utilizing Electronic Data Interchange, Imaging Technology, and Scalable Data Capture customized to specific customer requirements.

iMagine™ utilizes our nVision Supply Chain Suite™ software application which provides upstruckour customers and their carriers with access to our iVision Web Tools™ suite which is a distinct set of on-line web tools to enter invoices, check freight bill statuses and resolve freight bill issues prior to payment. Through the use of this technology and audits, iMagine™ is saving our customers millions of dollars in transportation and logistics costs annually.
Freight Bill Auditing
Why audit your freight bills? ...because invoices do contain mistakes.

We are capable of performing very effective post-audits on freight bills. However, our customers have found it is more cost effective for TCI to perform pre-audit and payment of their freight invoices. The pre-audit allows your freight charges to be audited against your negotiated rates and corrected prior to payment. This ensures that you pay carriers only what they are truly owed. 

iMagine™ contains one of the most comprehensive audit processes in the market place. Our powerful rate engine allows freight bills to be audited systemically, standardizing the audit process and allowing increased rate accuracy. The rate engine audits multiple modes of transportation, and audits against the detailed pricing that has been pre-loaded in the application. Our rate engine easily addresses the varied and complex pricing presented by our customer’s transportation service providers.

Examples of the types of pricing our rate engine has to offer are:

•  Multiple Discount Levels
•  Variable Pricing based on Shipment Types (inbound, outbound, intra-company, 3rd party)
•  Tiered FAK Pricing
•  Absolute Minimum Charges
•  Variable Pricing Basis (flat rates, distance based rates, commodity based rates, hundred weight, etc.)
•  Rating against Historical Benchmark Pricing
•  Accessorial Charges by Customer and Carrier

Our comprehensive audits on freight bills have allowed us to provide our customers an 11.5% average adjustment savings. As you can see these are impressive results, providing an excellent return-on-investment for our customers.

When a freight bill is audited, we not only audit the performing carrier’s rate but also rate all other preferred carriers that could have handled the shipment. This Rate and Route calculation typically results in either the recommendation of more cost effective carriers, or validation of routing parameters, thus increasing your savings potential. 
Freight Bill Payment
Flexible and Scalable to Fit Your Needs
As an information leader, TCI has the ability to capture more data elements per freight invoice than any of our competitors. We understand customers have data requirements; this is why TCI has developed iExpress™ - a scalable data-capturing tool to fit your unique requirements. To further our flexibility, the iEntry™ web-based form is designed to accept freight bill invoices conveniently from our customers and their carriers.

iMagine™ also validates freight bills against shipping files to support your business requirements. Freight bills are validated against Bill of Lading, Purchase Order, and Receiving Dock files. In addition to the validation process, these files are also used to capture customer specific data such as accounting codes, SKU detail, and other details.

Validations in the iMagine™ process are the most comprehensive available.

We validate for duplicates using the following criteria:

•  Carrier and Freight Bill Numbers
•  Bill of Lading and Purchase Order
•  Interline Carrier
•  Shipping Characteristics
(pieces, weight, origin, destination and ship date) of more cost effective carriers, or validation of routing parameters, thus increasing your savings potential. 
The freight bill entry processes of iMagine™ embrace the latest technology, increasing the efficiency and quality of entry and, more importantly, providing value to our customers.

Flexibility and user friendly processes are a key feature of iMagine™. Our technology allows the acceptance of freight bill information through EDI transactions, scanning of invoice checksigningdocuments, direct entry of freight bills by carriers or customers via the web, as well as paper bill manual entry. This next generation solution for freight bill audit and payment processing allows customers or carriers a way to easily transfer scanned freight bills and support documents to TCI for processing, thus reducing the need for paper freight bills.

Managing your transportation costs in today’s competitive market place is critical to your company’s profitability.
Cost Allocation & GL Coding
Flexible and Scalable to Fit Your Needs

Allocation of freight bills to General Ledger accounting codes is not a problem. TCI allocates freight charges to multiple accounting codes on freight bills. Our allocations can be handled in a variety of ways such as by pieces on the shipment, by weight, equitable allocation or other specific allocation logic.

Unlike our competitors, the iMagine™ freight bill payment process can allocate freight costs down to the SKU level. This allows our customers to better understand the true cost of transportation down to the product level and to assist them in establishing efficient product pricing models.
Electronic Data Interchange
Powerful eLoader™ validates everything
TCI processes over 78% of all freight bill transactions via EDI. With the recent release of iEntry™ web tool and our new scanning technology, we anticipate over 99% of our ediprocessing will be paperless. This allows our customers the ability to take advantage of the greater efficiencies and lower processing costs resulting from the extensive automation of electronic freight bill processing. TCI can take in all of the electronic freight bill transactions using the ANSI X.12 or EDIFACT standards. We are also capable of custom file mapping, eliminating the need for external Value Added Networks (VAN). This added capability affords us the increased flexibility to process EDI files from our customers’ trading partners that are not participating in industry standard formats.
Our eELoader™ module loads EDI files in our application, performs standard validation checks, as well as handles the processing of many customers’ business rules. When electronic freight bills are received requiring specific corrections, eELoader™ makes the correction process very simple by navigating the user through the correction process to ensure that the integrity of data is always maintained. As you can see, this allows freight bills to be received and processed with minimal to no manual intervention, resulting in high quality of information at lower costs for our customers.
Loss & Damage Claims
Flexible and Scalable to Fit Your Needs

Collect More and Collect Faster with the Ultimate in Claims Processing

TCI uses state of the art technology, experienced professionals, and extensive industry to collect 87% of the monies that have been filed for loss and damage claims with carriers. As you know, this is an impressively high figure! Our customers realize a tremendous rate of return in using TCI in the filing, processing and collection of their freight claims.

Key features include:
Dedicated Processing - We simplify the complex process of claims preparation. We are able to process claims for complete financial losses for our customers. These losses would include: markdowns, salvage credits, prorated freight costs, labor costs, interest expense and other costs that would be rightfully recovered on behalf of you, the customer. We provide the ability to allocate financial recoveries on claims over multiple General Ledger accounts based on your business requirements. Extensive claim tracking and alerts are available; such as the automated follow-up letters to ensure key deadlines are executed timely.
Loss & Damage Claims - We provide your facilities an interactive on line Internet access to immediately initiate your claims on lost or damaged products. Support documentation such as packing slips, invoices, or photo images can be uploaded along with the claim form. This increases the claims processing speed and ensures immediate visibility to all lost and damaged shipments.

Status Reporting - There are more than 50 report configurations that relate status information and details on all claims filed and collected.  Our staff of claims examiners average ten years of claims processing and collection experience. This extensive industry knowledge has allowed for a collection rate that is 35% faster than the industry standard. We retain on staff a Certified Claims Professional to address the most complicated and difficult claims challenges.
In fact, on numerous occasions the Transportation Consumer Protection Council (TCPC) has utilized our assistance and experience.  Unlike many of our competitors, freight claims processing is one of the core competencies in our operation. We have saved our customers over $15 million dollars in claims recoveries and would like to show you what we can do for you.

Can you afford not to use Traffic Consultants, Inc. for processing your loss and damage claims?
Guaranteed Service Refunds

TCI can audit your small parcel delivery dates and file for all Guaranteed Service Refunds on your behalf. In addition to auditing for Late Deliveries, TCI will audit for Invoiced Parcels not shipped, Residential Surcharges, Delivery Area Surcharges, Dimensional Weight, Reweighed Parcels, Signature Guarantee, Additional Handling Surcharges, Monitor Third Party and Chargebacks, Monitor Late Payment errors, and capture all Address Corrections.nd alerts are available; such as the automated follow-up letters to ensure key deadlines are executed timely.
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